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Car Rental

Explore India the way you like best. Make your own travel plans and visit the places in luxurious vehicles in total comfort. We offer you a variety of cars and coaches, which serve as the ideal modes for exhausting journeys. Just pack your bags and get ready for the time of your life.

Hotels in India

We have developed excellent relations with different Hotels in India and thereby are able to get highly reasonable rates, which we offer to our clients. Even if you just wish to book a single room through us, you are most welcome. We will offer you most competitive price for the type of hotel required in India. All our prices will be inclusive of taxes and will be on European Plan (room only including taxes - no meals included). Price for meals will be advised if requested.

Peak Season : October - March
Off Season : April - September

Budget Class Hotel in India
Simple with or without attached toilets non-air-conditioned. Less than 2 star.

Standard Class Hotels of India
Comfortable, Air-conditioned, with at least one restaurant. 2/3 star category. No swimming pool. Health club etc.

First Class Hotels in India
A first class air-conditioned hotel with more than one restaurant. May or may not have a swimming pool. 4/5 star category. Some of the smaller towns may not have such category hotels.

Deluxe Hotels in India
A 5 star deluxe hotel with all the luxuries, you would find in a hotel of such category. These category of hotels are available in some major cities only.

Heritage Hotels of India
Generally available in Rajasthan and Gujrat, may be classified in any of the above categories. The old havelies and palaces been converted into Heritage Hotels after due modifications keeping in mind the comfort of the guest.